2022–2023 SEED Grant for AP Computer Science A

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Ongoing SEED Grant: 2022–23 AP CS A

UTeach CS recruited U.S. schools and teachers to participate in a U.S. Department of Education Supporting Effective Educator Development (SEED) grant, starting in 2022–23. 

UTeach CS is providing free training, curriculum, and ongoing support to new and experienced AP CS A teachers for two years, along with a teacher stipend. UTeach and its research partner, American Institutes for Research (AIR), will study the implementation and impact of the curriculum on students and teachers in the first year of the project. Participating schools will receive a free AP CSA license in the second year, without any accompanying research activities required. 

This project aims to 1) increase the number of highly qualified computer science teachers in schools and 2) broaden participation of underrepresented students in CS through project-based curriculum. The study will provide information to participating districts about the effectiveness of the UTeach CSA curriculum with training and support, and it will help districts expand CS course offerings to high school students by providing free CSA curriculum. View Flyer.

Flyer AP CSA SEED Grant


  • Two years of free access to the UTeach AP Computer Science A curriculum and ongoing teacher support ($1,600+ value), including comprehensive teacher materials, interactive student textbook, and built-in programming environments on the cloud-based Codio platform
  • Free online professional development ($1,000 value), which is College Board–endorsed, or a shorter platform training for experienced AP CSA teachers in the summer of 2022
  • Up to $2,000 teacher stipends for participating in all research activities


  • All U.S. public and private schools are eligible, with high-needs designated schools given priority in the selection process.
  • Schools must offer at least one section of AP Computer Science A in the 2022-23 academic year to participate, and a minimum of 10 students is highly encouraged
  • Schools must agree to provide teacher- and student-level administrative data, including AP exam scores, and to participate in research activities related to the research study

Grant Timeline and Teacher Incentives: 

This grant is now closed to new applicants. The final deadline for districts to sign the Memorandum of Understanding was July 29, 2022

Teachers who participate in all research activities are eligible to receive up to a $2,000 stipend. An initial stipend was issued in fall 2022 for the first three research activities and a final stipend will be issued in September 2023 based on participation levels for the last five research activities. The timeline of research activities, and incentives tied to each activity, are as follows. 

DateActivityWho is ResponsibleDescriptionIncentives
Multiple Options in Summer 2022Professional DevelopmentTeacherTeachers will attend either the full 35-hour professional development workshop or the 2-hour "advanced" professional development workshop for experienced AP CSA teachers.$350
Multiple Options in Summer 2022Grant Kick-Off MeetingTeacherTeachers will attend a webinar providing important details about the grant, including information about goals, research activities, participation expectations, and stipend logistics. $100
August/September 2022Beginning-of-Year Teacher SurveyTeacherTeachers will take an electronic survey during the first few weeks of the school year.$200
October 15, 2022Fall WorkshopTeacherTeachers will attend a fall workshop exploring student engagement metrics, increasing student belonging in CS, and engaging learners from all backgrounds and experience levels.$150
November 15, 2022AP Exam Registration and Ordering Deadline Teacher and AP CoordinatorTeachers should encourage all students to register for the AP CSA Exam. AP Coordinators must submit their school's exam orders by the following deadlines:

October 4, 2022: Preferred ordering deadline
November 15, 2022: Final ordering deadline for full-year and fall-only courses
March 15, 2023: Final ordering deadline for spring-only courses
February 25, 2023Spring WorkshopTeacherTeachers will attend a spring workshop revisiting student engagement metrics, increasing student belonging in CS, and engaging learners from all backgrounds and experience levels. $150
End of Each UnitStudent Surveys TeacherStudents will complete anonymized end-of-unit surveys through the online curriculum platform. AIR will provide either passive or active consent forms at the beginning of the year, in alignment with district guidelines. Each unit survey with at least 85% student participation will contribute $50 to the total stipend. $350
TBDAdministrative data and AP Exam scoresData ContactThe data contact from the school or district will upload student course enrollment data, demographic data, and AP CSA exam scores to a secure site. $500
May 2023End-of-Year Teacher SurveyTeacherTeachers will take an electronic survey during the last month of the school year.$200


Teachers at participating schools who complete the above research activities and submit the license request form are eligible for a free UTeach AP CSA license in the second year of the grant (2023–24). No research activities are involved in the second year of the grant (2023–24).


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