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We bring expertise in teaching and learning computer science to a screen near you through free, public webinars. Additional webinars are provided for teachers with an active license, which focus on just-in-time support for course implementation.

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Previous webinar topics include student recruitment and engagement, effective instructional strategies, and preparing students for AP exams. Additional webinars are provided within our platform for teachers with an active license, and all educators can access our free, public webinars through the archive below.

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Webinar Archive

Active Student Recruitment Tips for Teachers, Counselors, and Administrators

This 30-minute webinar shares tips, strategies, and resources to support participation in CS through student recruitment. This webinar provides a customizable planning guide, ideas for events and activities, flyers, posters, and a micro-credential to verify your active recruitment skills. Teachers, students, counselors, administrators, and families can all play a role in recruitment! Presented November 16, 2022

Reminders and Recommendations for UTeach CS A

This 30-minute webinar will help new and returning UTeach CS A teachers kickstart the year with reminders and recommendations. Presented September 19, 2021

Reminders and Recommendations for UTeach CSP Unit 1

This 30-minute webinar will help new and returning UTeach CSP teachers kickstart the year with reminders and recommendations for Unit 1. Presented September 12, 2021

Deep Dive into UTeach CS + Codio

This 30-minute webinar provides a deep dive into how UTeach CS combines project-based AP CS curriculum and ongoing teacher support with Codio’s all-in-one learning platform. Presenters explore the interactive online textbook, embedded teacher guidance, auto-graded assessments, built-in IDE, code feedback tools, and more. Presented May 26, 2021

Learn How to Earn CS Micro-Credentials

This 30-minute webinar explores why micro-credentials can be valuable for CS educators and provides step-by-step instructions on how to get started with the eight micro-credentials offered by UTeach CS. Presented May 19, 2021.

Demo of New UTeach CS Platform & Features

This 45-minute webinar demonstrates the new platform and features provided with the UTeach CS curriculum that started in 2021-22. We present time-saving features, collaboration tools, and the new seamless learning experience with teacher materials, interactive textbook, assessments, and built-in IDE all in one place. Presented February 3, 2021