Foundations of Cybersecurity

Foundations of Cybersecurity

Foundations of Cybersecurity

Foundations of Cybersecurity is an inclusive course designed for all students to explore cybersecurity through hands-on, student-centered projects. 

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UTeach Foundations of Cybersecurity

"This UTeach curriculum nicely mixes theory and practical application. Plus, it's fun for students!" — High School teacher, Pasco County Schools, Florida

In this essential, project-based curriculum, students explore core cybersecurity skills through practical lessons focused on topics like risk assessment, data security, cyberattacks, and more. Students connect classroom learning to real-world application with unit projects, easy-to-understand videos, collaborative research activities, and hands-on labs.

The UTeach Cybersecurity Curriculum, developed in collaboration with Teach Cyber, is based on the High School Cybersecurity Curriculum Guidelines (HSCCG) designed by a team of educators and cybersecurity experts in partnership with the National Cryptologic Foundation.

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