About UTeach Computer Science

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We are expanding computing pathways for educators and students

UTeach Computer Science's mission is to improve computer science teaching and learning in secondary schools.

About UTeach CS

The demands for a robust computing workforce and digitally informed citizenry are greater than ever and growing. We are dedicated to building the next generation of information technology and computer science professionals, while providing all students with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in our increasingly digital world.

We know it was be costly for educators, principals, or district administrators trying to introduce new, cutting-edge CS curriculum. UTeach CS builds on efforts to increase student preparation for the computing workforce by providing educators with affordable, evidence-based curriculum that works and is easy to use.  

UTeach CS educators receive detailed teacher lesson plans with all the materials required to teach a successful class, as well as ongoing support to ensure educators have answers when they need them. Our courses are fully aligned with both the spirit and letter of the AP Computer Science Frameworks and endorsed by the College Board.

What Makes UTeach Computer Science Different

"Please keep providing this content. I explored five other AP curricula prior to this and UTeach's is the best at meeting the diverse needs of my students." 

— Computer Science Principles Teacher

Living Curriculum

We proudly offer a living curriculum to ensure that we are providing educators with technologies that mirror an ever-evolving computing industry, as well as updates to AP requirements. We continually refine our courses to improve the overall experience, respond to feedback, and find ways to better meet the needs of our teachers and students.

Scaffolded Materials 

We provide classroom-ready curriculum and comprehensive teacher materials that rely on flexible delivery models that are easy for teachers to use in a variety of high school learning environments.

"I love the lesson plans that are step by step. Since I have only taught AP CSP one year, it helps to have everything laid out for me."

— Sharon C., Teacher

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Ongoing Teacher Support 

We provide unparalleled support to help you work through challenges as fast as possible. We do this with dedicated on-demand phone and email coaching and support that aims to respond to your questions and concerns as questions arise. 

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