About Us

UTeach Computer Science's mission is to improve computer science teaching and learning in secondary schools, with a focus on increasing access and equity for students historically underrepresented in computing. 

Demands for workforce computing skills are greater than ever. 

  • Women hold 57% of all professional jobs in the U.S. but only one-quarter of computing positions.

  • Only 7% of computing positions are held by individuals who identify as Black or African American; only 6% are held by individuals who identify as Hispanic or Latino.

  • In 2014, a handful of Silicon Valley technology companies released data for the first time on the diversity of their employees. Only 5% of all employees at Google, and 6% at Facebook and Yahoo, self identified as Black or Hispanic.

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UTeach Computer Science builds on all these efforts. 

We’re also fully aligned with both the spirit and letter of the College Board’s AP® Computer Science course frameworks and endorsed by the College Board.

Our courses give you en evidence-based curriculum that works. You’ll receive detailed teacher lesson plans with all the materials required to teach an effective class, as well as ongoing support to ensure you have answers when you need them. Don’t believe us?

What Makes UTeach Computer Science Different

"Please keep providing this content. I explored five other AP curriculums prior to this and UTeach's is the best at meeting the diverse needs of my students." — UTeach CS Principles Educator

Living Curriculum

We proudly offer a living curriculum to ensure we’re providing you with technologies that mirror the ever-evolving IT industries, as well as AP requirements. 

We evolve our modules to improve the overall experience by listening to our teachers to determine what doesn’t work and what needs to be further developed to meet your needs.

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Inclusive, Scaffolded Materials 

We provide classroom-ready curriculum and comprehensive teacher materials that rely on flexible delivery models that are easy for teachers to use in a variety of high school classroom and school settings.

"I love the lesson plans that are step by step. Since I have only taught APCSP one year, it helps to have everything laid out for me." – Sharon C., CS Principles Educator

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Ongoing Teacher Support 

We provide unparalleled support to help you work through challenges as fast as possible. We do this with dedicated on-demand phone and email coaching and support that aims to respond to your questions and concerns as questions arise. 

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