Program Costs

Comprehensive Curriculum and Teacher Support

A license for UTeach Computer Science includes:

  • Comprehensive teacher materials, including all printables, pacing guides, detailed lesson plans, activity-specific preparation and instructional recommendations, general and lesson-specific resource suggestions, and assessments and AP®-style item banks for each curricular unit

  • Complete student-facing curriculum (online "student textbook"), including course readings, assignments, and project rubrics

  • Ongoing teacher support with on-demand coaching (phone, video, or email) from experienced teacher support specialists, webinars that provide “just-in-time” refreshers on best practices, and access to a professional learning community with hundreds of other UTeach CS educators.  

Program Costs

Curriculum Licensing with Ongoing Support: Curriculum licensing for each course occurs on a per teacher basis, for an unlimited number of students.

License Length Early Bird Price (Before June 1) Standard Price (After June 1)
1 year $550 $600
3 years $1500 $1700


Professional Development: We highly recommend that all first-time teachers complete our professional development workshop before teaching with the curriculum. The fee for professional development is $1400 for a 5-day in-person workshop (not including travel and lodging) and $1000 for a 40-hour online workshop. For those who are unable to participate in professional development, we offer the option of curriculum-only purchases.  

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