Initial Pricing

Curriculum and professional development are sold as a bundle for first-time teachers. Prices listed are per teacher, with an unlimited number of students. 

Initial Purchase Type

1 Year License

3 Year License
(20% off!)

Curriculum + Online PD $1800 $2400
Curriculum + In-Person PD $2400 $2900

To make a purchase, please register for a professional development event at uteachcs.org/register


Curriculum renewals are only $600 per teacher per year, with an unlimited number of students. Renewals can be purchased through this link

Curriculum-Only Purchases

We highly recommend that all first-time teachers of CS Principles complete our professional development workshop before teaching with the curriculum. However, for those who are unable to participate in PD, we offer the option of curriculum-only purchases.  

What is included in a curriculum license? 

A license for UTeach Computer Science curriculum includes all of the following:

  • Comprehensive teacher materials, including all printables, pacing guides, detailed lesson plans, activity-specific preparation and instructional recommendations, general and lesson-specific resource suggestions, and assessments and AP-style item banks for each curricular unit

  • Complete student-facing curriculum (online "student textbook"), including course readings, assignments, and project rubrics, which is regularly maintained and updated

  • Year-round support on all aspects of course implementation. Mechanisms for support include the following:

    • On-demand phone and email coaching and support from Teacher Support Specialists who previously taught the course

    • Access to an online community of practice, facilitated by the UTeach team, designed to answer questions, connect teachers, and encourage the sharing of resources and suggestions

    • Remote mini-webinars that serve as just-in-time "refreshers" on topics ranging from pedagogy to College Board course requirements