Professional Development

Who should teach these courses?

The UTeach Computer Science professional learning model is designed to leverage the knowledge and expertise of all community members to enhance the experiences and competencies of participating teachers. For CS Principles, teachers are welcome from any content background or level of experience who have an interest in teaching computer science. No knowledge or experience with computer science or programming is required. For CS A, teachers with previous experience in Java programming or who are willing to participate in extensive self-study are welcome to participate in professional development.

Professional Development for First-Time UTeach CS Teachers (CS Principles & CS A)

Teaching with UTeach Computer Science curricula for the first time? Sign up for an intensive, 40-hour professional development workshop for UTeach AP Computer Science Principles or UTeach AP Computer Science A, which we strongly encourage teachers to attend before starting the courses. 

Teachers may attend a 5-day in-person summer workshop or participate in a 10-week online professional learning course. Online courses are primarily asynchronous and hosted on a rotating basis for cohorts of about 25 teachers. Both options require a 40-hour commitment and focus on the following:

  • Familiarizing teachers with the comprehensive teacher materials and curriculum, often from the perspective of a student
  • Introducing teachers to the project-based approach necessary to teach the course successfully
  • Exploring background mathematics and computer science content in the context of course activities
  • Mastering College Board requirements and expectations for AP® implementation

CS Principles

Online In-Person

Spring Online: March 2 - May 10

Summer Online I: June 1 - July 10

Summer Online II: July 6 - August 14

Summer Online III: August 3 - September 11

All in-person events are moving online in summer 2020!

Honolulu, HI: June 22 - 26 * 

Tuscaloosa, AL: July 13 - 17 *

Austin, TX: July 20 - 24

New York, NY: August 10 - 14 *

*Registration limited to grant participants 


Online In-Person

Summer Online: July 6 - August 14

All in-person events are moving online in summer 2020!

Austin, TX: July 6 - 10

Dallas, TX: August 3 - 7


Professional Development for Continuing UTeach CS Teachers (CS Principles Only)

Previous teachers of UTeach CS Principles are invited to join a continuing professional development workshop to prepare for significant updates to the AP Computer Science Principles curriculum framework starting in 2020-21. These workshops are available online! Register to participate in 12 hours of in-depth training (synchronous and asynchronous) during one of the following dates: 

  • June 1 - 12
  • July 6 - 17
  • August 17 - 28

Don’t see a training event in your region? Contact us at to discuss bringing UTeach CSP training to your school or district.