Computer Science A

UTeach CS A is a year-long high school course that fully addresses the course content specified by the College Board’s AP® Computer Science A Curriculum Framework.

No materials costs are assumed, and project-based lessons and materials are used throughout. This pedagogical approach actively engages students in collaborative learning processes that encourage problem solving, critical thinking, and group communication.

Students in the course create individual avatars and work in teams to solve a series of real-world challenges as they travel the globe in search of a missing scientist. Each unit introduces a unique, project-based challenge to be solved in a new country. Daily lessons are designed to build student competency across the big ideas, enduring understandings, and computational thinking practices that make up the course. Students apply what they learn by creating personally-relevant project solutions for each unit. 

The UTeach Computer Science A curriculum is currently being piloted by teachers across the United States and going through the College Board endorsement process. It will be available to the general public in late spring of 2020.